How to convert .mov (quicktime media files) to MPEG.

  1. Install the free QuickTime 5 on your machine (required for #2).
  2. Install RAD Video Tools. This program does MOV to AVI w/ great compression.
    AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) files are simply containers for audio and video content. There are thousands of combinations on audio and video codecs that can be used in such containers.
  3. Install TMPGEnc. This program does AVI to MPG.

How to edit

  1. In RAD Video Tools, export JPG images from the AVI.
  2. Edit the files in your graphics utility.
  3. Import the JPG images to build a new AVI.
  4. For more features, like sound, AVIedit (free) offers more in terms of AVI editing.

How to convert a DVD to VC-1 (and edit)

  1. Rip the DVD to files on your hard drive using DVD Fab Decrypter.
  2. Edit the files using AviDeMux and rip out (de-mux) the video and audio (e.g. ac3) streams.
  3. Convert the raw video streams into VC-1 using Windows Media Encoder.
  4. Combine (mux) the VC-1 video and audio streams back together (such files will play on the Xbox 360).

The software mentioned on this page can be found on the Favourite Software Page.

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