Accessing the Forum

UPDATE 25.03.2013 The website is no longer accessible…

“Since a site hosted outside the ABC (but containing ABC-related content) was hacked a few weeks ago, the ABC is reviewing all sites related to ABC content to protect users. We are advised this site, also hosted outside the ABC is vulnerable and so are closing it for the protection of forum members and their privacy. Members of the community have mentioned that they would like to build new forums for the old members. We will direct people to them should this occur. However, please note that any subsequent forums will have no affiliation with the ABC or Dr Karl in any way whatsoever.” /update 25.03.2013

Further updates to any other similar Tech forums will be added as information is provided.

Techtalk member fish slapping maniac has started up a forum for ex-SSSF members
FFFS Forum

Orange in the Dark is also available for ex-SSSF members
Orange in the Dark

The old Holiday Forum that's been around for years is still around
Holiday Forum

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